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Duration: May 31, 2015 - Jul 19, 2015

Opening: May 31, 2015 16:00 Sunday

Artists: HU Zi , LIU Ren , SU Chang , ZHANG Ruyi , ZHANG Yunyao

Address: Don Gallery

Don Gallery is delighted to present "Moments" with participating artists: Hu Zi, Liu Ren, Su Chang, Zhang Ruyi and Zhang Yunyao. This group exhibition concentrates on the development and works on progress of five artists chosen for this exhibition. Planned as an annual case, the artists will display some of their recent artworks; reveal moments of their current workflow, allowing us to keep in touch with their creative moods, thoughts and expressions.

“Led Zeppelin: Last year July, two hours by plane from Aberdeen to Paris, then 4 hours by train to Belfort. Just to be on the scene. EUROCKEENNES. It’s the biggest rock music festival in France. After a storm, the smell of mud and Marihuana is floating in the air. Wet bodies dancing, a pink cloud drifting low. All of which seems just to welcome the presence of Led Zeppelin. I cried, when the 66 years old singer, Robert, sang "Stairway to Heaven. I liked them when I was nineteen – after fourteen years, I was on the scene.”

“Vincent Gallo: Compared to Buffalo 66, I prefer The Brown Bunny. With almost no plot, it is a minimalist film: a man drives across Northern America in loss of his dearest. Affection is always like this: lonesome, and on the road.”

“Tang Poems represent one of the peaks of Chinese literature. It was an effective means to express feeling for the people in ancient China. Despite the development of civilization for over thousands of years, I believe that the most basic emotions of human beings all have something in common, which can endure against time.

In this series of works I hope to use poetry itself as a conceptual resource; through the combination of a strong feel and use of material, I want to convey this kind of emotional experience through a minimalist visual form. “Un-titled” series is a partition and hint to this kind of experience; as all of emotions are just an illusion floating on the surface, they will eventually all fade into nothingness.”

“What I receive from sculpture is a tactile aesthetic, one which is simple, direct and powerful. I like to face this kind. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, there is a picture of trees that seems to instantly emerge before my eyes. More precisely, it is a picture of pavement trees; the kind, one will find all around this city. I like their simple shape after being pruned, because it is as direct and powerful as being trimmed by social reality.”

SU Chang
“In this high-speed circulating world, we frequently feel “helpless” as individuals, which in the present era can be considered an almost “normal state”. Most of my previous works are built upon these two points of reference, which continues through my present work.

“Transplant” is a site-specific “refurbishment” based on the blockade of the space’s outdoor channel. It is a tam-pering of the inorganic and organic, the natural force interfering with the Individual’s existing space.
Furthermore, “Evidence” is more of an object condensed from a devastated space. Using Industrial construction material (asphalt) to reconstitute the “debris” from the “crumble” of space, I try to bring “building” and “devastation” together into a co-existence. Being scorch marks, they reserve an indirect connection relevant or irrelevant to us. These relations reflect a kind of relief of the individual responding to its time.”

“Apocalypse", an oil painting, " Mysterious Light ", a felt painting – both seem to try to render a strong and gorgeous green light. It is my attempt this time, to put these two painting forms that I have practiced, togeth-er in one show.
No matter if we consider medieval times in Europe or the present in Shanghai, light always inspires and induces people to feel and explore this world. When light turns to be a catalyst, capturing and representing, it is a kind of pious act. A medieval sculpture in Europe, a leather chair in a Shanghai nightclub – different times and different spaces are echoed through their different carrier.”
ZHANG Yunyao

Theseus Voyage

Theseus Voyage